The mirth of believers

We live in a broken world, with astonishing levels of violence, rivalry and scapegoating.  And only a fraction of it makes the news. But one of the most counter-intuitive resistances human beings can do, and should do, is to laugh.  Laughter is what makes us human, and since we are all made in God’s image,... Continue Reading →

The incalculable gift of laughter

Below is a wonderful article about laughter, originally published in the Baptist Times. I nearly died laughing! Is there a specifically Christian view of laughter, asks Colin Sedgwick? I read something recently which reduced me to a state of helpless laughter. It was an article in the Church of England newspaper The Church Times (yes,... Continue Reading →

Humanity Complexity

I love this (and almost all the cartoons) by the brilliant Australian cultural critic and cartoonist Michael Leunig. The diagram below looks like a normal day for me.  How about you....?  

A Calvinist arrives at St. Peter’s gates and sees that there are two queues going in.  One is marked “predestined,” and the other is marked “free will.”  Being the card-carrying Calvinist that he is, he strolls on over to the predestined queue.  After several moments an angel asks him, “Why are you in this line?”... Continue Reading →

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