Palm Sunday Symbolism

Palm Sunday Pause for Thought on BBC RADIO DEVON 28 March 2021 (begins at 1:54:05) Palm Sunday is about Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem. The Donkey is representative of a peaceable kingly power. The whole act is a deeply symbolic action. And as the hooves clickety-clacked on the ground - ancient prophesy was being fulfilled.... Continue Reading →

Christ and the World

This is stunning..... Subversive Preaching in a Postmodern World - A Targum based on Colossians 1:15-20 by Brian J Walsh In an image-saturated world, a world of ubiquitous corporate logos permeating your consciousness, a world of dehydrated and captive imaginations in which we are too numbed, satiated and co-opted, to be able to dream of... Continue Reading →

Justice in the Middle East

For too long Christians from the West that have taken the time to visit what is romantically called "The Holy Land" have contributed to a terrible injustice. They dream of walking where Jesus walked, but all the while, the clock ticks and the coach waits, whilst they, rather ironically, run where Jesus walked.  The Sea... Continue Reading →

Jeremiah the Clay Pot

The mercy of God is exquisite.  The judgement of God is a wonder to behold. Have you ever read Jeremiah 18 of the time when God tells him to go down to the potter's yard and wait to see what God will say?  Whilst there, the potter shapes the clay but it goes wrong, so... Continue Reading →

Practical Joke

I am perturbed.  I don't know about you, but it does seem to me that one of the highest forms of praise we give people in our our day is that of being practical.  And most practical people are busy people since practical people loathe the thought of anyone thinking of them as lazy!  To... Continue Reading →

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