Palm Sunday Symbolism

Palm Sunday Pause for Thought on BBC RADIO DEVON 28 March 2021 (begins at 1:54:05) Palm Sunday is about Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem. The Donkey is representative of a peaceable kingly power. The whole act is a deeply symbolic action. And as the hooves clickety-clacked on the ground - ancient prophesy was being fulfilled.... Continue Reading →

Jesus Christ is Still King and His Gospel is Still True

Sermon preached at a Taunton Churches Together Sunday Service on 15/11/2020. On the evening of November 5th, my wife, pregnant daughter and her husband, and our 4 year old daughter, were in the garden having a fire-pit bonfire. We had German sausages cooking; marshmallows warming. Sparklers, and one or two thimbles of beer. We were... Continue Reading →

A Saint, A Wolf & Covid-19

What follows is my extended script for a BBC Radio Devon Pause for Thought planned for Sunday 19th April 2020.  It is a fascinating truth-containing fable of the 13th century involving a famous Saint and an infamous Wolf: St Francis of Assisi and the Wolf During the early 13th century, we meet an extraordinary figure:  ... Continue Reading →

O, my Lord, forgive

I used to nurture bitterness, To count up every slight. The world’s a moral wilderness, And I have felt its blight. Self-pity ruled, resentment reigned; No one understood my pain. I spiralled down in murky night, Insisting that I had the right To hate and hate again. I am ashamed; O, my Lord, forgive. But... Continue Reading →

He Gave Them…..

A brief quote from a brilliant piece by Stanley Hauerwas a few years ago here: "Jesus was crucified because he embodied a politics that threatened all worldly regimes based on the fear of death. And so Easter has profound political consequences... ...He gave them a new way to deal with offenders - by forgiving them.... Continue Reading →

What Easter is and isn’t

Three years ago (2015), the then Prime Minister wrote an article for Premier Christianity magazine, giving, as it were, his Easter message to the Christians of the UK.  This is definitely a step up from the "We don't do God" politics of the Blair/Campbell era of the late 1990's, and this in spite of the... Continue Reading →

The Hermit and King

Three Questions It once occurred to a certain king that if he always knew the right time to begin everything; if he knew who were the right people to listen to, and whom to avoid; and, above all, if he always knew what was the most important thing to do, he would never fail in... Continue Reading →

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