O, my Lord, forgive

I used to nurture bitterness, To count up every slight. The world’s a moral wilderness, And I have felt its blight. Self-pity ruled, resentment reigned; No one understood my pain. I spiralled down in murky night, Insisting that I had the right To hate and hate again. I am ashamed; O, my Lord, forgive. But... Continue Reading →

The God Who is There

Slavoj Zizek, Slovinian philosopher and cultural critic, said that the only way to be a true atheist is to go through Christianity.  This series of videos will do just that! D. A. Carson takes us through the whole Bible storyline in this excellent series designed for those who know nothing or very little about the... Continue Reading →

Doing Theology

Theology Theology is the most amazing subject, and one of the most misunderstood.  It can relate to the entire discipline of religious studies, but Christian theology is more specifically the study of what the Scriptures say.  This is not minimalism, since this study includes exegesis, historical criticism, careful analysis of method and epistemology, and then... Continue Reading →

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