The Story of Our Cross

A few months ago a highly skilled chap called Gary made an oak cross for the church as a leaving present.  What follows below is his interpretive explanation of what he has made, and why he made it like that.  It is marvellous!!! The cross mounted to the wall in the sanctuary at Barton Baptist... Continue Reading →

Die sin must or God

Christmas isn't usually the time to talk about evil, or of Satan's ultimate destruction, but that is precisely what Christmas, the coming of God in Christ, means.  Evil encompases all the chaos and dysfunction in the world, all the rebellion against God; and God's salvation means an end to all that, and the return to... Continue Reading →

God’s Silence

Helmut Thielicke said of the Cross of Jesus Christ, where silence and salvation met: "There the night of darkness dispatched its last troops against God’s Son; the demons were released and the ugliest instincts since Adam unchained. But God said nothing about it. Only a dying man cried aloud in that silence and asked why... Continue Reading →

You want success? PREACH CHRIST!

P. T. Forsyth is rousing my theological interest on a number of fronts at the moment.  I am desperate to read his Positive Preaching and the Modern Mind, but only have a flaky copy on my computer, and that won't do.  Nevertheless, do not feel sorry for me.  I found this paradigm changing comment Forsyth... Continue Reading →

The Cross of Christ: WHY?

In this talk, Richard Cunningham considers why Jesus had to die on the cross. He refers to Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ, and covers six misconceptions about the Cross while explaining its real significance for our lives. Six misconceptions about the Cross: 1. The Cross is something sentimental 2. Jesus chose to die... Continue Reading →

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