The Church and the Virus

Rev'd Dr Edward Dowler offers an excellent theological reflection on the virus and how the Church has and should respond. The full video can be viewed here. In the preamble, he raises four important points: Is the response from Government proportionate?Are the measures - lockdowns, distancing, masks - really effective in the ways presented?Even if... Continue Reading →

Banishing Amiable Religiosity

During his 1907 Lyman Beecher lectures on preaching at Yale University* (these lectures became his classic Positive Preaching and the Modern Mind), Forsyth shared the three ways in which he thought the Church suffers:  i. from triviality.  ii. from uncertainty.  iii. from satisfaction (with itself, or more specifically, complacency). He later went on in that address... Continue Reading →

This Beverage of Life

"The Church, though dispersed throughout the whole world, even to the ends of the earth, has received from the apostles and their disciples this faith:  She believes in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth , and the sea , and all that are in them; and in one Christ, Jesus the... Continue Reading →

The Church is a Mystery

Whilst I was digging around in some church history today, I came across this nugget of Eusebian observation: "As the third century drew to a close, the tensions within the church were becoming more explosive.  Eusebius looking back on the situation as he had seen it as a young man could write, 'But when as... Continue Reading →

Baby Dedication

Our Father, We lift baby Faye to you now, In your presence and in the presence of your people.   We pray your divine ‘Yes’ over this beloved child’s life. We pray for your purposes to be fulfilled in her life. We pray, in anticipation of her responding to your love in Jesus Christ. And... Continue Reading →

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