Something more than materialism

"During the 1939-45 War, in the darkest days of Russia when the German army was within a few miles of both Leningrad and Moscow, Stalin did a most extraordinary thing. You might have expected that as a convinced Marxist he would have had readings from Das Kapital on the Soviet radio in order to stiffen up the... Continue Reading →

Exegete of the Eternal

In yet another excellent sermon published in 'Descending on Humanity and Intervening in History' (ed. Jason Goroncy), P. T. Forsyth skillfully exposes, by force of logic, the poverty of ignorance in understanding Christian things in general, and specifically in this section of the sermon, Creeds in particular.  He calls these contemporary interpreters of Christian things... Continue Reading →

X marks the spot

Having had the best part of the weekend in Oxford (Baptist Union Assembly), I must say what an inspiring place it is.  I'm sure the sun shining was a major factor, not to mention  the incredible falafal wraps I enjoyed, with a decent pint at the famous pub favoured by C. S. Lewis and the... Continue Reading →

Ascension Day

The Ascension is possibly the most neglected event in evangelical theology.  We do Christmas quite well (does get a bit repetitive though), and Easter is a Big One.  Of course, one problem is the bizarre way we imagine how it happened, since the film and TV images we've been fed have implanted a rather silly... Continue Reading →

What Exactly is a Saint?

Church history is fascinating and studying it is essential. Some people will have stopped reading already, well boo to them because Church History guards us today against making mistakes that, wait for it, have already been made!   The person who doesn't read history, will likely dismiss history as irrelevant or romanticize it to the degree... Continue Reading →

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