You are Called to Greatness

Called to Greatness: Is. 40:28-31; John 6:66 It is so easy for my life to be consumed by triviality, pettiness and banality. Do you know what I mean? I don’t want my life to meander along in a predictable, mundane fashion. It’s not that I’m looking for the novelty of experiential excitement:  As an end... Continue Reading →

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Transfigured Love

"I must learn in this life to accept the fact that hunger and restlessness are part of what I am made for.  To love God is not to acquire the biggest and best gratification of all but to have my whole experience of love transfigured. Instead of the manic struggle to fill the gap in... Continue Reading →

The Atheists Are Revolting

I came across a National Post article recently about atheists, agnostics and non-believers rallying, or, if you prefer, revolting, against "religion."  Headlined by the UK's very own Richard Dawkins, the high priest among the "evangelists of unbelief", who told atheists, "We are far more numerous than anybody realizes." Apart from adding a "So what!" to... Continue Reading →

Ah! Wisdom

We Protesting Protestants are (more often than not - be honest) averse to Christian instruction that talks of rules or maxims, for we have shed the Pharisaical and Catholic yoke of a Religion of Rules. Pah! We 500+1 Protestants are basically averse to authority; we don't like being told what to believe or how to... Continue Reading →

I bumped into a JW…..

.....and it didn't hurt.  They were a trio of lovely people.  One of whom I had met several times until, I suspect, she (a 70+ Italian living in England) was banned from visiting me; I can only assume that was the case, since her frequent visits stopped so suddenly.  It may have been my poor... Continue Reading →

They said what…?

"It's not the existence of God we're bothered about but the existence of you who say you believe in him."  Andrew O'Hagan "Fundamentalism:  a religious way of being that manifests itself in a strategy by which beleaguered believers attempts to preserve their distinctive identity as a people of group in the face of modernity and... Continue Reading →

Lemonade-Twaddle Christianity

"The sort of [person] who now live cannot stand anything so strong as the Christianity of the New Testament (they would die of it or lose their minds), just in the same sense that children cannot stand strong drink, for which reason we prepare them a little lemonade - and official Christianity is lemonade-twaddle for... Continue Reading →

The Visitor and Inquisitor

One day, Jesus comes back.  He wanders through the streets and squares of a southern town, where just the day before 100 so-caleld heretics had been burnt at the stake.  The story-teller narrates, 'He appeared quietly, unostentatiously, and yet - strange, this - everyone recognizes him.  Saying nothing, he passes among them with a smile... Continue Reading →

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