Sweeter to your taste

I came across this wonderful reference from a 12th century sermon in the excellent book 'The Art of Reading Scripture', page 208. The quote is by Guerric of Igny, Liturgical sermons, vol. 2, translated by 'Monks of Mount Saint Bernard, CF 32, 1971, page 81. “What I have placed before you brethren, is like an... Continue Reading →

Invited Into Christ’s Life

"Although it is commonplace in some circles to talk about "inviting Jesus into your life", it is more appropriate to turn the invitation around the other way because, in fact, it is Jesus who invites us into his life. The essence of the Incarnation is that Jesus has entered into solidarity with humankind in ways... Continue Reading →

The Man Jesus

What follows is Playwright Matthew Hurt's journey towards writing the play 'The Man Jesus.'  It is still touring the UK and ends on 4th November in Oxford.  You can visit the website here to see where else it is playing.  The play itself was very good indeed, and I think Hurt's own account below is... Continue Reading →

Come to Me

Jesus says, not said, Jesus says today, "Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest." Come to Me. Jesus does not say, "Come to religion." Jesus does not say, "Come to spirituality." Jesus does not say, "Come to church." He does not say, Come to the divine... Continue Reading →

You want success? PREACH CHRIST!

P. T. Forsyth is rousing my theological interest on a number of fronts at the moment.  I am desperate to read his Positive Preaching and the Modern Mind, but only have a flaky copy on my computer, and that won't do.  Nevertheless, do not feel sorry for me.  I found this paradigm changing comment Forsyth... Continue Reading →

The Cross of Christ: WHY?

In this talk, Richard Cunningham considers why Jesus had to die on the cross. He refers to Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ, and covers six misconceptions about the Cross while explaining its real significance for our lives. Six misconceptions about the Cross: 1. The Cross is something sentimental 2. Jesus chose to die... Continue Reading →

God is for us

"If we fix our eyes upon the place where the course of the world reaches its lowest point, where its vanity is unmistakable, where its groanings are most bitter and the divine incognito most impenetrable, we shall encounter there - Jesus Christ. . . The transformation of all things occurs where the riddle of human... Continue Reading →

"The gospel declares the victory of the Lord Jesus over death by deposing death of its power (i.e., evil) through the cross and by robbing death of its prize (i.e., human lives) through the resurrection. As a famous Greek hymn says:  "Christ has risen, trampling down death by death, and giving life to those in... Continue Reading →

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