Always the Twain

A while ago, during the good old days of the Brexit debates, when all in the world was peaceful and calm (such innocent days), I read this line from Mark Twain in his first volume of his autobiography, that I believe he forbade publishing until 100 years after his inevitable death, quite an instruction, but... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Wotnot #2

Not my own but very helpful and thought provoking…. See the end for credit(s)…. The palaeogenetic fallacy: the mistake of young people who assume that just because a grumpy old fart is sounding off again, what he says has got to be wrong.  Even a broken grandfather clock is right twice a day. Douglas Campbell’s The Deliverance... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Wotnot

Not my own but very helpful and thought provoking.... See the end for credit....  You think you know someone, but of course you don’t know them too. What might you not know about Jesus of Nazareth? It is not the gift- and skill-sets – the intelligence and imagination, the range of reading, the elegance and... Continue Reading →

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