What is a gralefrit?


Gralefrit is (another) blog of theological musings and sermons and other juicy tit-bits from a follower of Jesus Christ, hoping to be joined by others along the Way.

Gralefrit is a made-up word coined by the undercover policeman (played by Robin Ellis) in an episode of Fawlty Towers (A Touch of Class) who, when ordering breakfast from the maid Polly, assumed the persona of an ignorant illiterate, and ordered his grapefruit by stumbling through the menu asking for a “gralefrit’.  Classic!!

The link with this web site should be obvious: My name is Richard Matcham, I am a God-lover, Jesus follower, (UK) Baptist Minister, aspiring-theologian, husband, father of four, grandfather to a beautiful granddaughter Faye and Finley; and  twins Alfred and Evangeline, but feel that any attempts to explain the divine grapefruit of God, His Word and world, only end up as a stuttering and incoherent stumble towards something that stretches and leans towards the infinite transcendant glory of the triune God (if you think that’s dramtic, try having a beer with me)!!!  Oh and please note, this is a personal blog and generally express my views and not necessarily those of the church or the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

I have an MA in the subject I love – theology, but really, all that reveals is how little I do actually know, and how much I have still to learn and grow in about God – the world, people and pretty much everything!  I read books because I’m stupid!  It is as the Preface to Soren Kierkegaard’s Fear and Trembling plainly states, “…it seemed to me that the effort to instruct myself had no effect other than the increasing discovery of my own ignorance.”  Guilty M’lud!

If I can tempt you with my gralefrits, then maybe you can be encouraged to actually taste the real thing.

I live in the Somerset town of Taunton, England – after living in the land of Fawlty Towers – Torquay – for nine years!!  I love my wife (Rachael), my children (Andrew, Abigail, Samuel, and Laura, my granddaughter Faye and grandson Finley, and twins Alfie and Evie);

I also love the Queen of the Sciences – Theology (most often in that order – though somehow, my addiction to coffee occasionally creeps in).  And to prove I’m sane, I support Liverpool Football Club, am fond of good beer and wine, and I love walking in the pouring rain.

These pictures of the Canadian Okotoks ‘The Big Rock’ were taken by me in 2015 when we went to Canada because my daughter was getting married.

And so, in the wonderful words of John Calvin, “Farewell, kind reader: if you derive any benefit from my labours, aid me with your prayers to our heavenly Father.”

5 thoughts on “What is a gralefrit?

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  1. I understand! I like having Pastors join my prayer groups, I only have one rule don’t come being a pastor just be a man like the rest of us. For some pastors it has worked they are just one of the men like the rest of us trying to love Jesus. Others it has not and the guys pick them out and they just slip away to where ever! One Pastor it has worked for very well, so he took me to a Pastor’s meeting for pastors only. He use me as one of the speakers and the feed back was good, many ask if I could come speak. I learned pastors are men too who just do not know how to just one of the guys. I hope you know what I mean I think the pressure of being a pastor is very great and to be, Just To Be.
    Yes please be the gralefrit to speak freely here, Welcome to wordpress. God Bless, James

    1. Thank you James for your comment and following Gralefrit.

      You understand only too well the thin red line that must be trod and I hope you continue to enjoy my blogs as I yours.

      Bless you mate.

  2. I thought Basil’s wife was Sybil, as in “my little piranha fish” 😉 (Polly was John Cleese’s wife in real life, or one of them at any rate!). Seriously, lovely words!!

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