Naming the Enemy

In previous posts I have tries to expose the toxicity that is wokism. Wokism is a multi-fascited ideology that essentially boils down to a power grab, or for the philosophically literate among us, a ‘will-to-power.’

I have written quite a bit about the ideology behind ‘Woke’ and what drives it, and why it is toxic. And by toxic, I mean, for one example among thousands, why so many US, Australian and now increasingly, British educational establishments are favouring what is called ‘Drag-queen story time’ – now – if adults want to engage in this strange addendum to education then fine, but when it is an overtly sexualised story-telling for primary aged school children, then I’m afraid the gloves are off…

I have written about ‘Woke’ from various perspectives over my blogging life, and I think it is so insidious as literally fulfilling the ‘boil-a-frog’ metaphor, i.e. most people do not know the level of cultural toxicity they are in, especially the stuff that their children are exposed to, and this makes the everything they are exposed to on their smart phones seem almost as a side-issue (which it is not)!

That said, I have posted on Waking from the Woke Wilderness, Exposing Woke Traits, Bad ‘Woke Traits’ in the World and in the Church, and there are others but the Wokesters don’t like it very much, which kind of proves my point.

Anyhow, below is a brilliant speech by Dr. James Lindsay, authour of Cynical Theories, given at the European Parliament in April 2023, about the origins and extent of what it is when we talk about WOKE.

Helpfully, in the book he and co-author Helen Pluckrose write that it is, “…written for the layperson who has no background in this type of scholarship but sees the influence of it on society and wants to understand how it works. It is for the liberal to whom a just society is very important, but who can’t help noticing that the Social Justice movement does not seem to facilitate this and wants to be able to make a liberal response to it with consistency and integrity. Cynical Theories is written for anyone from any part of the political spectrum who believes in the marketplace of ideas as a way to examine and challenge ideas and advance society and wants to be able to engage with Social Justice ideas as they really are.”

Some may ask what is at stake, and why do people like me write about this with such force. Professor Frank Furedi spoke after James and he was equally brilliant. But the answer to what’s at stake should be obvious and evidential: Everything.

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