“The only thing I need to do to have a garden full of weeds is nothing…”

John Anderson, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia for 6 years between 1999 and 2005 under John Howard, enjoys a long conversation with Douglas Wilson on culture wars, American politics, what it means to be a Christian, and whether Christians can be nationalists.

Doug Wilson is a theologian, minister of Christ Church Moscow (Idaho), ex-Navy, Senior Fellow at New Saint Andrews College, prolific author, and advocate of Christian education. He has written almost 80 books on a Christian vision for life, plus multiple novels, children’s books, and collections of poetry, through the publishing outfit Canon Press. Doug also runs a regular blog and podcast.

A firm Presbyterian, Doug uses the catchphrase ‘All of Christ, for all of life’ to encompass his various projects aimed at renewing a Christian culture. Previously Doug appeared in the documentary ‘Collision’, where he debated renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens over the question ‘Is Christianity good for the world?’ The two went on to write a book under the same title.

This long form interview is excellent and well worth the time.

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