Angel of Light Devilry

“The satanic element in human experience is not the instinctive animal instinct, greatly intensified, but it is evil with a numinous halo: not evil which repels, but evil which fascinates and allures by the magic of its attraction.

We should therefore seek for traces of real devilry rather in the sphere of literature and art than in the criminal world. The devil does not care very much for what is low and insignificant, he prefers what is high and exalted.

It is evident that he knows how to assume the form of the “perfect gentleman”, as well as that of literary and artistic greatness. He certainly prefers to fly high rather than low! But these are matters about which our own generation, and probably the theologians of this generation, know much less than was known centuries ago.”

Emil Brunner, Swiss Reformed Theologian, 1889-1966

The Christian Doctrine of Creation and Redemption:  

Dogmatics Vol ii (London, Lutterworth Press: 1952), 144

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