Always the Twain

A while ago, during the good old days of the Brexit debates, when all in the world was peaceful and calm (such innocent days), I read this line from Mark Twain in his first volume of his autobiography, that I believe he forbade publishing until 100 years after his inevitable death, quite an instruction, but here goes….

“These poor fellows furnish a “comic” performance which is so humble, and poor and pitiful, and childish, and asinine, and inadequate that it makes a person ashamed of the human race. Ah, their timorous dances – and their timorous antics – and their shamefaced attempts at funny grimacing – and their cockney songs and jokes – they touch you, they pain you, they fill you with pity, they make you cry…. London loves them; London has a warm big heart, and there is room and a welcome in it for all the misappreciated refuse of creation.”

Mark Twain, Autobiography volume 1, pg. 114-5

Anyway, everytime I delve into Twain, I am fortified in my understanding of the human race. It’s complexity and folly. Twain reminds me of G. K. Chesterton in his playful insights into human nature. All I’m going to do is post a video below that will, I hope, inspire you to think beyond the simplistic categories of human beings, and see that we are very complex creatures. I hope you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy (in the widest possible sense), I suggest you keep making the mud bricks for your ideological Tower of Babel and prepare for the inevitable… I don’t know, what shall we say? The inevitable dispersion of whatever it was that needed to be dispersed at Babel.

Lord, deliver us from a Babel mentality that denies and betrays your Word.

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