Thoughts and Wotnot #2

Not my own but very helpful and thought provoking…. See the end for credit(s)….

The palaeogenetic fallacy: the mistake of young people who assume that just because a grumpy old fart is sounding off again, what he says has got to be wrong.  Even a broken grandfather clock is right twice a day.

Douglas Campbell’s The Deliverance of God is a Pauline game-changer.  There are only three excuses for not reading it: (1) you have underdeveloped biceps (as you will be unable to elevate the book to make ocular contact); (2) you have manual osteoarthritis (as you will be unable to flip from the text to the endnotes without risk of irreversible damage to the articular cartilage); (3) you have less than six months to live.

“Whose side is God on?” we are tempted to ask in all kinds of conflicts, but his answer is always the same: “Not yours.”

Some say God also hates fags, but British Barthians will be relieved to know that he’s okay with pipes.

Prosperity Gospel market update on Revelation 1:8a: “‘I am the Alpha but not the Omega; rather I am the 1942 Rolex Chronograph,’ says the Lord God Almighty.”

Would someone please tell Christians who police the boundaries of their communities that faith is supposed to be the trigger of ecclesial fusion, not fission?

Doing theology takes time. Some of the time is for research and writing, of course. Most of the time, however, is for prayer. At least it is if you’re doing it right.

The profundity of Leonard Cohen’s poetry is that it doesn’t dispel the darkness but illuminates its different shades.

“Whenever one tries to suppress doubt, there is tyranny”
(quote from film, The Lost Daughter, on Netflix)

“More bricks less straw” always comes before Exodus.

I think that living by faith, not sight, is an important principle at the moment. Somebody once said that fear was faith in a false reality, or just bad faith. Certainly fear is born of a certain kind of belief, but I am not sure it is fully biblical belief. If it really was the end of days, we should hold up our heads since our redemption is drawing near!

Church support for BLM is almost a benchmark for ignorance of current cultural trends coupled with a paradoxical narcissistic self-promotion of ironically wanting to appear trendy.

As Petersen says, “you cannot speak truthfully without offending somebody”. The real question is: if a critique is true, does a person have any right to be offended? Renowned scholar AnthonyThiselton says not.

We shouldn’t be “damning people ‘Pharisee-style’, but rather diagnosing issues redemptively.”


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