Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

No doubt we are all saddened and moved by the death of our Queen.  Whether a staunch Royalist or not, one cannot but be moved that the end of an era has now happened.  I remember making a flag to wave for the Queen as she swept through Weymouth and Wyke Regis in her black car in 1976.  At the time, my friend Gary stood on my foot and as I looked down in disproportionate agony, she passed by.  I’ve never quite got over that. 

Only last year my 5 year old daughter was invited to knock on the Queen’s front door at Sandringham.  Obviously she was disappointed the Queen didn’t answer the door personally and invite her in for afternoon tea; we all were – I wanted to explain why I was looking down when she came to Weymouth, and maybe even dob Gary in – I’m sure she would remember!  Anyway, we went into the marvellous house anyway, and what a treat it was. 

I’m sure that many or even most of us have had the life of Queen Elizabeth looming over us as a National Treasure, an institution in her own right, and even as a stabilising force in a world of turmoil.  This really is the end of a particular Era, and into the next one we are forced to go!  It is popular to say that there are only two things certain in life:  Death and Taxes.  But that’s not quite true.  Death, Taxes and . . . .  the Love of God.  

Our world will mourn a treasure in Queen Elizabeth because she has been a feature and good constant in a world of increasing turmoil.  She regularly confessed her loyalty to King Jesus; often mentioned His holy Name and never shirked from proclaiming Him in the way that was suitable for her situation. 

The Queen of England followed the King of Glory in her own unique way.  We thank and praise God for her life, and her witness.   We pray for King Charles, that in all his ways he will recognise the King of kings. 

We pray for the United Kingdom, that in the death of such a permanent figure as the Queen, we will see that God is the Author of Life and reigns over the living and the dead, and that the Triune God will indeed rule and reign over the this world in the hearts and minds of all.  Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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