You’re Not Great, So Reset this…

Let us pray….

Dear unelected World Economic Forum, 

Which art in La La Land,

Unholy is your name;

Your ideology can naff off

Your delusional notions too,

Of a fourth industrial revolution – YAWN! Tower of Babel hullaballoo!

Give us this day our daily whatever you think we need,

And increase your sins,

By sinning against humanity.

And lead us not into the Abyss

But repent from your oh so reasonable dystopian visions.

We don’t want your “long term narrative” Klaus!

You’re a mouse and you have no kingdom, no power, no glory, no story;

Now and forever,

So stop pretending you do. 

You’re not Great, so Reset this:

Go home, make a cup of tea, shut up, and leave us all alone.


(c) Gralefrit Theology

Photo by Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash

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