Jesus is Alive And He’s At Large In The World

This notice by the ‘Atheists in Kenya’ group was very gracious to its former secretary Seth Mihiga. Take a look at their press release below, and Seth himself testifying in a Kenyan Church. Pray for him. Wonderful news!!

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      1. No evidence for the claims in the bible nor for the claims of the many many contradicting sects of Christianity. I read the bible when I was losing my faith, looking for help and found quite a set of myths about a despicable god.

        I would not worship a being that commits genocide and kills children for no faults of their own.

      2. Appreciate your reply. What would satisy your claim of no evidence? What do you mean by contradicting sects of Christianity? What do you mean by myths? And what were you looking for when you went to the bible as you were losing your faith? Did you read all of it from Genesis to Revelation and did you recieve any help as you read it? What caused you to start losing your faith – what type of faith was it do you think?
        I hope my asking doesn’t put you off – trying to understand your view, if you are willing.

      3. I am happy to look at whatever evidence you have. Consider if you were looking at evidence from another religion. What would convince you, G? That likely could convince me.

        Is there free will? Or is it predestination?

        What is required to be a Christian?

        What is heaven and hell? How long is one in them?

        Can saints intercede?

        Is there a trinity or not?

        What gets one saved? Grace? Works? Belief?

        I mean myths: “a usually traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomenon” Your myths are little different from those same stories from other religions.

        Yep, read all of the bible, so your next attempt to claim I did something wrong fails. Nope, no help reading it. JC says come right to him. Why should I need a human to tell me what was “really” said?

        I was a Presbyterian. And it was the faith of someone who was sure she was a Christian and who faithfully prayed every night.

        It appears you are digging for something to blame the victim with, that I somehow didn’t so something “right”. Alas Christians can’t agree on what the “Right” way is nor demonstrate that they are Christains per the bible’s promises.

      4. I fear you are misunderstanding my intentions. I am not fishing for anything except clarity and I assure you I am not trying to trip you up or show where you failed. If you want to continue I’m happy to but please don’t mistake my intentions as underhanded in any way. I am convinced of the intellectual truth claims of Christianity, and your responses are good but not unique, I’m just trying to get to the heart of it so that I don’t misunderstand (or “strawman” your view).

  1. OK. By “good” I meant you are in good company asking these questions, i.e. you’re not the first or the last, the issue at hand for those wanting satisfactory resolutions is finding out how people down the ages have responded to them – I trust you will have done some of this kind of research.

    Let me try to respond to your questions, but please bear in mind there is a ton more that could be said:

    Is there free will? Or is it predestination?
    It is both/and. God is Sovereign and man is free to act in any way, for good or evil.

    What is required to be a Christian?
    Faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. That’s it. But there’s also more entailments that naturally follow on. E.g One can’t just have faith in Jesus yet continue in sinful, destructive patterns of lifestyle or behaviour or whatever. Faith in Jesus is transformative for the good of us and our flourishing as human beings made in the image of God. You mentioned a Presbyterian backgrround, so you’ll have come across some really great and insprieing men and women of faith I’m sure (as well as some not so great – but that’s how it goes).

    What is heaven and hell? How long is one in them?
    This is an area of particular research and interest for me. In short, heaven is being with God in all joy and happiness; hell is a place separation and refusal of God’s love and grace. How long is each one? The English translations use the word “eternal” from the Greek “aoinois” – any reseach you do will show that it does not always mean “eternal” (i.e. forever as we naturally understand it) in the English. So to cut to the chase here – heaven is eternal, and in the end, hell itself will be emptied and abolished. There are mixed views on this within the Church now and up and down the ages. I suspect, you were taught, as I was, that if you reject God He’s gonna torture you forever in hellfire etc. Hell is ultimately a resoratative place where evil is judged and finally expelled from existence.

    Can saints intercede?
    I’m not a Catholic, but I think by saints you mean the dead Christians? Protestants would say no to this, but Catholics would say yes.

    Is there a trinity or not?
    Yes. God is Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    What gets one saved? Grace? Works? Belief?
    Everyone is saved by grace alone. Works are a response to this free grace, not a bonus to getting saved. No one earns God’s love – every human being already has it.

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