99 and out!

My grandmother has just died: Peggy, aged 99. Not from Covid or anything like that, but old age and failed heart. It is strangely cathartic writing this, because she’s been there throughout my life, which is no surprise at 49. That sounds way too sarcastic, but it’s not meant to be. I remember standing on her front doorstep in Coventry in the late 1970’s and hearing the fans cheering and chanting from the football stadium: Coventry v Liverpool. Although I was born in Coventry myself, I decided then, after hearing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” swell the air with passionate meaning, to support … Liverpool. I’ve supported them ever since, although Coventry FC have been a weird second hand hobby of mine – which I don’t think is out of duty or guilt, but, well, loyalty – I was born there after all – it’s the least I could do.

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