Biblical Theology – by BW III

The whole house shook as the package hit the floor with a resounding thud!  In a few months I am teaching a module to undergraduates in Biblical Theology, and I could think of no better resource to add to my own notes and books from teaching in previous years, than this beautiful beast of a book by the great theologian Ben Witherington III.  His 2019 published work is called, ‘BIBLICAL THEOLOGY – The Convergence of the Canon’ and rocks up at nearly 500 pages!!

IMG-4672Richard Bauckham says the book is full of “refreshing surprises” and “highly recommended.”

Scot McKnight (whose podcast I dip into now and then) tells us that biblical theology is often carelessly defined, but with this work, we have a responsible approach to Church tradition and the classic Christian creeds, and that the book with become “a standard text for decades.”

Tremper Longman III says he was “challenged, informed, and enriched by his thinking, and recommend the book to all who want to grow in their knowledge of Scripture.”

I’m looking forward to the challenging task of reading this book written by a great contemporary scholar, and a full review will be forthcoming.

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