Interview with John Colwell and Holy Communion

Here is another fabulous chat by Jeff and Jon, this time with former Spurgeon’s tutor Rev’d Dr John Colwell.


I met Dr Colwell when he taught on one of my Masters modules in 2009/10 at Bristol Baptist College (Where Helen Paynter has now been appointed – see her interview on one of her areas of great expertise: Violence and the Bible).  At the time he taught Systematic and Historical Theology for over 20 years.

Rev’d Dr John Colwell is a wonderful man, and I was so privileged to have him as a mentor for several years during my early pastoral ministry.  These days I meet with him in a theology symposium group which is wonderful, and occasionally, for lunch where I can pick his mighty brain on a whole range of issues.  I always find it helpful to make the first half dozen questions a mixture between Thomas Aquinas and the nature of God (mental note: It’s John’s shout next time)!!

I also had the opportunity to interview him myself after he had preached at the church (he’s one of my favourite preachers too), which I then transcribed for this blog five years ago, and it remains one of my most read blog posts.

Then he was honoured with a Festschrift award at Spurgeon’s Baptist College in 2018, which was a wonderful celebration of his life’s work, and can be purchased in a great book of collected essays in Rhythms of Faithfulness, and includes a Forward by his friend, the great Stanley Hauerwas.

His books include:

  • Promise and Presence: An Exploration in Sacramental Theology
  • Actuality and Provisionality: Eternity and Election in the Theology of Karl Barth
  • The Rhythm of Doctrine: A Liturgical Sketch of Christian Faith and Faithfulness
  • Living the Christian Story: The Distinctiveness of Christian Ethics

And will almost certainly have to be specially ordered at every Christian bookshop!!!

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