Love Never Fails

Many people will be in despair and hopelessness. 

Asking:  Where is the hope in the midst of such unusual events worldwide?


The Apostle Paul said that ‘Love never fails’ (1 Cor 13:8).

He went on to say, “these three remain: faith, hope and love.  And the greatest of these is love” (v.13).


I’ll say something about this love in a minute.

But as for hope?  It is seen and acted out in and through the Church of Jesus Christ.

Just as Jesus was incarnated, 

God becoming a man;

So the Church is incarnational.  

It is the people.

The bodies are the Body of Jesus Christ in the world.  

That’s where hope lies.


So believe this:  The church can no more shut down than Jesus himself can “shut down.”


Our buildings have shut down, but not the people – that’s why hope is still alive.


Jesus is still Lord.

Therefore, there is no room for  timidity or lack of courage!


We ask ourselves now, during the enforced restrictions, and unprecedented limitations on movement:


If hope is still alive because Jesus is alive, what of Love?


Ask yourself now: What is the opportunity for love that has been granted to me right now, in this moment?


Being made to stay inside, at close quarters with family members can give rise to….. Tensions!


It can be very tough!  But think: It can also be a chance to flex your spiritual muscles of faith, and to grow your love.


The unusual pressures we are all facing are the moment to ensure that “love never fails”. 


What if you’re not locked in with others?

What if you’re on your own, and that too is challenging?


But think: This too can also be a chance to flex your faith muscles.  

How about pressing into God in prayer, lifting your eyes to the hills and seeing God come to you as your help?

A help that, with enlarge your capacity to love others by praying for them.


The Corona virus is terrible; Our situation is terrible – but we are the church.


Christ has not retreated into isolation.  Jesus is still Lord.

Love never fails.


Take this opportunity to grow in faith, hope and Love.


God bless you all.


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