Middle England Jesus

Middle England Jesus


If Jesus were born in England

He’d be I think lower middle class

Beloved of grass roots politicians

But still some crisp sophistication

And know when to use a white wine glass

He wouldn’t splatter ketchup across his mile high tea

He’d know to break, then butter bread

And when to fork or mash a pea


He’d not make one uncomfortable faux pas

But speak messages of love and good news

To all who’d afford Him their privilege

And sit in corporate pews.


He’d be a dream for marketers, like Persil – not a cheap, crass brand

Emblazoned features on tube walls displayed

And a gung ho presence just like Bob Geldof

But with clothes more white and less frayed


But here’s the thing – I’ve marvelled at God’s great love for me

Preferring not to hear His heart call all men to be free!

He celebrates our quirkiness and knows who smells the worst

But wants to hug them nonetheless and help their shells to burst


So waifs and strays and low lifes – the phrases that I’ve used

In sweeping streams of banter

Never once thought of as abuse

Now I’ll stop and look at Jesus and a body ripped to shreds

For those considered worthless

And I’ll kiss their scruffy children’s heads.


This poem was written and shared by Sally Eveleigh on the ‘Prepare, Feed, Sustain’ Course out of Bristol Baptist College held at Exeter in July 2018.

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