Luther Rap

To good not to post!

31st October-Reformation@499


Martin Luther’s the name, but don’t confuse me with the King
I was just a simple man working on my law degree
I was on the road home, and what did I see?
Thunderbolt of lightning very very frightening me

I was terrified, so I prayed to St. Anne
I’m in a funk, I’ll become a monk if you get me outta this jam
I survived that night right and I gave my life to Christ
Started living the fantastic monastic life

And so I became a priest, I started to preach and teach
But things that I was seeing were stifling me
People dropping Benjamin’s to be forgiven of their sins
buying up indulgences, man is this what salvation is?

Been spending most my life trying to buy my way to Jesus Christ
Been spending most my life trying to buy my way to Paradise

Church demanding money
Money to atone
Says the only way to heaven is indulgences alone
Sorry Mr. Pope if this disturbs you on your throne
But the bible that I’m reading says by faith and faith alone

So I’ll come knocking on your door with my 95 theses
I finally feel alive give me a high five Jesus
Satan can’t escape me and the Catholics they all hate me
Pope Leo feel free though to excommunicate me

The diet of worms these peeps are getting extreme
They’re burning all my books and I’m next is the way that’s it seems
Let me guess, “The pope’s the antichrist”
that part you weren’t so smitten
It’s lookin’ bad where I’m sittin’ (do you recant what you’ve written)

There’s a chance that my words were spake with aggression
There’s my confession (you have not answered the question)

I will keep God on top
I will breath, till I stop
I will stand till I drop (will you recant or will you not)


I can’t recant
Are you looking at my feet? Cuz here I stand
It’s neither safe nor right to fight your conscience man,
God help me, down with the papacy, Here I stand, I can’t recant. Amen.

I can do no other
Word to your Mother

With thanks to Ryan Gerlach.

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