If Jesus carried notes from his Vision Statement….


  • Be born in weird circumstances
  • Flee a murderous king
  • Argue with scholars at 12
    • And be a little bit above your station with your parents!
  • Become a carpenter for 30 years
  • Get baptized by your cousin John
  • Go into wilderness and be tested by satan without eating or drinking for 40 days
  • If successful begin ministry…
  • Call ordinary people to your side
  • Re-interpret the Bible like you know what you’re talking about
  • Assume you are the fulfilment of the promises
  • Heal people of all sorts of sickness and disease
  • Never catch the sicknesses or diseases yourself
  • Walk on water (frighten the life out of those in the actual boat)!
  • Talk to demons; silence demons
  • Kill the pigs and curse the figs

  • Tell simple stories that are not simple at all
  • Talk as though you actually know God
  • Do not break a bruised reed
  • Call Pharisees children of the devil
  • Don’t worry about forgetting your bottle of wine if you go to a wedding
  • Own nothing
  • Write nothing
  • Feed thousands of people, not once, but twice
  • Call yourself bread and light and water and truth and life and feel no shame about it
  • Talk about your death like it’s a done deal
  • Transfigure yourself but only take two chaps with you
  • Keep talking about your death; and sin; and adultery; and forgiveness and the Father’s love
  • Be the Rest that people were made for
  • Pray a lot
  • Raise to life some who have died
  • Keep praying
  • Bless the pesky kids
  • Ride a donkey to Jerusalem like it’s normal
  • Thrash the money men and women from the temple – quote Jeremiah
  • Pay your taxes – and show off whilst doing it
  • Say “Woe” to the Pharisees quite a lot
  • Speak mysteriously about the End of the Age and Abominations and clouds and the final judgment, etc
  • Pretend not to know about your betrayer and betrayal
  • Eat bread, drink wine, wash feet, sing a Psalm
  • Act surprised when disciples fall asleep in the middle of the night
  • Pray all night and literally sweat blood
  • Say nothing when arrested
  • If you must speak, speak mysteriously
  • Do not resist your brutal assailants
  • Get crucified
  • Forgive them
  • Die
  • Save them
  • Rise
  • Show them
  • Pretend to be the gardener of Gethsemane
  • Appear to your friends
  • Freak Thomas out; freak them all out
  • Give them a job to do and a message to proclaim
  • Go back to heaven in a way that no film maker will ever be able to depict without looking really silly

Dodman Cross

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