Whole Bible Church

I must share this gem.  I downloaded a sermon as I often do, to listen to as I walk my dogs in the morning.  I’d heard of Malcolm Duncan, Pastor of Gold Hill Baptist Church, and his wonderful gift of preaching, but had never got round to actually hearing him. MalcolmDuncan2

On the first Sunday of 2015, he outlined the direction the sermon series of the Church would go – it is very ambitious: the whole Bible (every book) over a three year plan, with room for flexibility and the usual unpredictability of church life, plus openness to God’s Spirit.

In the forty minute introduction to this series, Malcolm gave one of the best rationales for the purpose and point of the Bible in the believers life and the life of the church.  One reason I am so excited to hear of churches doing this is because only last week did I hear (yet again) of a church leader/minister/pastor argue against the importance of the Bible and for a ‘Dersert Island Disk’ mentality of relating to and knowing God apart from the inspired and revealed Word.  Quite astonishing!

Anyway, here’s the link to listen:  God’s Great Purpose in the World.    Enjoy.  Be inspired.  Love God.  Follow Jesus.


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