The god of war

Ares, the god of war, lives!

And his children Fear and Terror have made Zeus a grandfather!

He rides the earth on his war chariot with his lover, Discord!


He is a foul impostor on the earth, a god of unimaginable suffering and pain.

Men flock to his side.  They cheer him and throw flowers at his feet.  He is the Victor.

Economies are driven by the desire to satisfy his blood lust.


In his name, generations of children are sacrificed.

Baal and Molech are his ancient biblical blue-prints.

Each desiring the bodies of babies thrown to the flames.


Men cast into war, in the name of freedom.

And sometimes, brazenly, in the name of tyranny.

Sent anywhere and everywhere that his bastard children can spread their fame.


Yet when they return, if they return;

Bodies and minds broken; hearts frozen; eyes glazed,

Even then he will not relent.  His lust for chaos is unrelenting.


He unleashes his bride, his lover, some say his sister.

Even incest is within his remit.

Discord: you heartless bitch!  Leave mankind alone.


Shameless, you all press on, within and without the heart of man.

Children driven into the bloodied dust.

Bombs, rockets, bullets and mines.


Dictators who do your bidding.

Economies that do your spending.

Governments that do your defending.


The game is up!

The time is short.

Your ways are the ways of man.


And the ways of man are done.

Nothing new under the sun.

Tyranny is our middle name.


You are a false god,

And you have been called, judged, sentenced.

Your doom is certain.


For there is One who has come.

A man from heaven,

Light from light


God from God.

Word become flesh.

His Cross has sentenced you to death.

Sideways Cross

The Hell of Hells is where you belong.

You shall go down, and unlike this Word made flesh,

You shall not rise.


But the sons and daughters of man,

They shall rise.

They shall rise and rejoice.


For fear and terror have given way to faith and love.

Discord must yield to Peace.

And this false god of thunder;


Must give way before the whisper,

the still small voice,

the sheer silence of the true and living God who is!


qol d’mamah daqqah.

God’s breath.

God’s Spirit.


Will silence the false gods of war and chaos.

Ares the false god is judged.

Yahweh Lives!

Praise him in London and New York.

Praise Him in Gaza; the guns will be silenced for Ares will be sentenced.







4 thoughts on “The god of war

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  1. Ares is also the god of courage, strength, anger controlled and civil order. He was a protector of women and children. The Greek gods are rarely so one dimensional as to only encompass negative or positive traits, there are always dualities. His lover was Aphrodite goddess of love and their daughter was Harmonia, goddess of harmony. As for incest, the myths are metaphorical not literal, they teach us about ourselves and our relationship to the divine, and to understand their lessons we need to understand the culture that created them. Otherwise the lessons can get lost in a difference of culture. As for him being a false god, you presented a lot of convincing evidence of his existence in the, poem and the photos you showed, yet you presented no evidence of this other god you claim is real!

    1. Thank you for your time taken to reply, I really do appreciate it. I suspect you are right about the additional qualities of Ares that you write about, but what I fear you have misunderstood, is my poetic intention.

      I’m right and your right and together we’re more right! That’s a given, but your cheap shot about evidence of “this other god” that I presume is real (?) (presumably the Christian Trinitarian God that my blog advocates), not only shows your superior knowledge in Ares, but an inferior knowledge in my entire blog, and of the Judeo/Christian tradition, and of Western Philosophy, etc.

      It is of more interest to me that you are more concerned for the character of Ares than the purpose of my POEM: Namely justice in Gaza over Israeli war crimes.

      Still, we all have our motives.

      1. I’m right and your right and together we’re more right! That’s a strange thing to say, not sure I understand that?

        You make an awful lot of assumptions there, admittedly most are correct but I know an awful lot about Judeo/Christian tradition; more than I would care to.

        I certainly did misunderstand the point of your poem, it really didn’t come across that you were commenting on the Gaza/Israeli conflict (as for justice, neither side is blameless, both have committed atrocities). I guess it’s easy to miss the point of a poem that repeatedly degrades and calls you gods false. That does tend to infuriate somewhat.

      2. By saying “I’m right and you’re right” was simply me trying to say I’ve emphasised one aspect and you’ve emphasised another. I didn’t mean it to be enigmatic.

        and I’m sorry you know more than you care to about the Judeo-Christian tradition. I can’t advocate for readers’ experiences and so on, but in any case, I ran the risk of my poem being misunderstood. So I hope that now you know what it was about, you can afford me some slack in my feeble attempts at writing poetry.
        Best wishes.

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