DSC_0769Here’s a bit of a Puritan prayer on joy!  I don’t know who wrote it nor where it comes from, but I love it!






“You O Lord God are preparing joy for me and me for joy.
I pray for joy, wait for joy, long for joy.
Give me more than I can hold, desire or think of.
There is no joy like the joy of heaven, for in that state are no sad divisions, unchristian quarrels, contentions, evil designs, weariness, hunger, cold, sadness, sin, sufferings, persecutions, toils of duty.
O joyful place where none are sick.
O happy Lord where all are kings and queens.
O holy assembly where all are priests.
How free a state where none are servants except to You.
Bring me, bring us, speedily into the land of JOY.”

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