“The gospel declares the victory of the Lord Jesus over death by deposing death of its power (i.e., evil) through the cross and by robbing death of its prize (i.e., human lives) through the resurrection. As a famous Greek hymn says:  “Christ has risen, trampling down death by death, and giving life to those in the grave.”  Death, armed with evil and law, was no match for the Prince of Life.  The gospel is not simply about how God deals with the individual’s personal sins, a transaction of sin and righteous ness to clean the slate; yes, that is true, but the gospel declares so much more, namely, God’s victory over the personal and impersonal forces of evil: the world, the flesh, and Satan.  The gospel is an invitation to live in fellowship with Christ rather than to suffer under the tyranny of evil.  The gospel means emancipation from the slavery of evil to the freedom of a new and authentic humanity.  The gospel of Christ blesses us with the news that a world ravaged with evil is not how it ought to be, nor how it can be, nor how it will be.   The gospel whispers to us that Jesus means freedom.”

Michael Bird

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