Prayer for Justice

Sabeel Wave of Prayer – Thursday 14th November 2013

A friend of Sabeel, Bo Forsberg from Sweden, offers a prayer for peace and justice; this prayer will also be read on the final day of our conference at our celebration of 25 years of Palestinian liberation theology.

Prayer for Sabeel

God of peace and opportunity, our Creator and Redeemer, we come to you to pray for your mercy, forgiveness, and a new start.

Instead of overcoming evil with good, we have stood by while goodness has been affronted.

We ask for your help to give peace a new chance to thrive in our world.

Give us the courage to expose evil thoughts and deeds, and to speak the truth. We do not believe in the right of the strong, the strength of armies, or the power of oppression. We believe in the equal value of all people, the power of non-violence, and solidarity based on justice.

We pray for your Holy Spirit to join our hearts and minds with the way of peace, so that our hearts may become a place where your mercy reigns.

God of justice, make us tools of your peace so that we may do your will and create a just future.

Lord, awaken your church, starting with me.

Lord, bring your flock to life, starting with me.

Lord, bring peace to the whole world, starting with me.

Lord, afford your love and truth to all people, starting with me.

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